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A b s t r a c t

A specific technique is introduced to overcome limitations of classical solidification of floating organic drop microextraction, such as tedious and time-consuming centrifuge step and using disperser solvent, by facile and efficient participation of solid and liquid phases. In this proposed method of stirringcontrolled solidified floating solid-liquid drop microextraction (SC-SF-SLDME), magnetic carbon nanotube-nickel hybrid (MNi-CNT) as a solid part of the extractors are dispersed ultrasonically in sample solution, and the procedure followed by dispersion of liquid phase (1-undecanol) through high-rate stirring and easily recollection of MNi-CNT in organic solvent droplets through hydrophobic force. With the reduction in speed of stirring, one solid-liquid drop is formed on top of the solution. MNi-CNT acts as both extractor and the coalescence helper between organic droplets for a facile recollection. MNi- CNT was prepared by spray pyrolysis of nickel oleate/toluene mixture at 1000ºC. Four tyrosine kinase inhibitors were selected as model analytes and the effecting parameters were investigated. The results confirmed that magnetic nanoadsorbent has an important role in the procedure and complete collection of dispersed solvent is not achieved in the absence of the solid phase. Also, short extraction time exhibited success of the proposed method and effect of dispersed solid/liquid phases. The limits of quantification (LOQs) for imatinib, sunitinib, erlotinib, and nilotinib were determined to be as low as 0.7, 1.7, 0.6, and 1.0 mg L-1, respectively. The intra-day precisions (RSDs) were lower than 4.5%. Method performance was investigated by determination of mentioned tyrosine kinase inhibitors (TKIs) in human serum and cerebrospinal fluid samples with good recoveries in the range of 93-98%.  


Mehri Ghazaghi, Hassan Zavvar Mousavi , Hamid Shirkhanloo , Alimorad Rashidi

Analytica Chimica Acta

H i g h l i g h t s

*Disperser solvent and centrifugation step were eliminated in the proposed method. 

*Magnetic carbon nanotube-nickel hybrid was synthesized by one-step approach of spray pyrolysis. 

*Magnetic carbon nanotube as an adsorbent and 1-undecanol as organic solvent were participated in the procedure. 

*The solid phase enhance extraction efficiency, and easy collection of dispersed solvent droplets.

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